Fragrance Note

24k Rose 

A bright floral green scent blended with the freshness of young leaves and the sweetness of flowers. 

Rose / Lily / Lavender / Oakmoss / Marigold 


The experience of this earthy, woody and floral scent brings a picture of Aretha Franklin, “The Queen of Soul” to your mind. 

Green Apple / Strawberry / Melon / Fig / Violet / Jasmin / Rosewood / Lily / Wood / Musk 

Basil & Herb 

An aromatic green scent blended with herbs such as basil, tomato leaves, and sage. 

Basil / Sage / Tomato leaves


A clean and fresh scent blended with basil, clary sage and peppermint. 

Orange / Lemon / Peppermint / Lily / Jasmin / Basil / Clary sage / Wood / Musk 

Bay Rum 

Bay rum was originally discovered in the 16th century by the Sailors in the Caribbean Sea. 

It’s a traditional panacea distilled by leaves of bay leaf with rum. 

The aroma of our Bay Rum also reminds you of the hair tonic and shaving lotion. 

Sweet Orange / Apple / Cinnamon / Clove / Mint / Pine needle / Cedarwood / Patchouli / Musk 

Between The Sheets 

A floral-fruity and feminine scent combining a touch of freshness and purity. 

Apple / Water Lily / Honeysuckle / Jasmine / Lotus / Iris / Wood / Musk 

Black Oud 

Black oud is an oriental woody scent with exotic tone. 

In Sushruta, an ancient pharmaceutical treatise in India, it says people may apply the smoke of agarwood as perfume, 

and burned agarwood was also used as an analgesic for wounds. 

Agarwood / Cinnamon / Guaiac wood / Black pepper / Vetiver 

Blue Hour 

The word “blue hour” refers to a mysterious period of time in which the sky fades in blue before sunrise and sunset. 

This floral aroma has a refreshing lychee top note with an accent of ginger and pepper. 

Lychee / Jasmine / Ginger / Black pepper / Musk / Amber 

Blue Spruce

“Blue spruce” is coniferous tree grows mainly in North America. 

It is believed that blue spruce is highly antibacterial and effects for air purification. 

Our fragrance, Blue Spruce has woody scent blended with cedarwood, pine, eucalyptus, douglas fir, and citrus. 

Citrus / Douglas Fir / Cedarwood / Pine Needle / Eucalyptus 


Burbs is a green woody scent, a blend of woody aromas such as douglas fir, cedarwood, and sandalwood with a touch of nutmeg. 

Green leaf / Nutmeg / Balsam fIr / Cedarwood / Sandalwood 

Cucumber Melon 

Cucumber Melon is a mix of sweetness from melons, freshness from cucumbers, and sourness from apples. 

It’s a perfect green fruity scent for the summer morning. 

Cucumber / Honeydew Melon / White Melon / Apple 


Deep forests, fog, sap, pine resin, bonfire and shadow. a smokey woody-green flavor scent.

Frankincense / Pine Needles / Fir Balsam / Thuja / Cardamom / Lemon  


Drawing is fresh marine scent, opens with bitter citrus aroma such as bergamot as its top notes. 

Rosemary, jasmine, Indonesian patchouli, and white musk are also blended. 

Bergamot / Tangerine / Rosemary / Neroli / Jasmine / Patchouli / Musk 


As the name shows, it recalls you drifting woods. It’s very earthy and relaxing woody scent with the faint sweetness of vanilla. 

Sandalwood / Cedarwood / Patchouli / Vanilla 

Earl Grey & Grapefruit 

Imagine and feel the comfort that earl grey tea creates. The scent mainly features the relaxing aroma from bergamot. 

Grapefruit / Bergamot / Tea / Rose / Violet / Lily / Black tea 


Echo provides sophisticated urban atmosphere. 

This aroma spreads spicy and refreshing smells such as black pepper and cardamom, then turns into cozy and warm woody musky scent. 

Nutmeg / Black Pepper / Cardamom / Musk / Cedarwood / Sandalwood / Leather

Endless Summer 

Summer is out there for you. it’s somewhere around the world. 

Endless Summer is a floral fruity scent with a blend of strawberry and lychee smoothie with the richness of jasmine. 

Lychee / Plum / Pear / Strawberry / Mimosa / Jasmine / Amber / Teakwood


A fruity green scent of fig. 

Grapefruit / Orange / Marigold / Fig / Davana / Patchouli / Cedarwood

Green Light 

Green Light gives you a feeling of youth, it’s a refreshing scent based on fougère fragrance blended with fig leaf and blackcurrant. 

Bergamot / Grapefruit / Cassis / Melon / Lavender / Fig leef

Green Tea 

Green Tea provides refreshing and cleanliness of green tea with unique herb and spice in addition to citrus and peppermint. 

Peppermint / Bergamot / Mandarin / Lavender / Caraway / Oakmoss / Amber / Musk

Green Tea & Sakura 

This scent spreads floral feminine atmosphere while having sharp freshness. 

Lemon / Bergamot / Cherry blossom / Green tea / Heliotrope


Ilsa is a name of heroin from the movie Casablanca. 

The story of this aroma is pram and coconut with soft floral scents of white flowers such as gardenia, 

‘Casa Blanca’ lily (oriental hybrid) and vanilla orchid. 

Plum / Coconut / Gardenia / Casablanca lily / Vanilla orchid / Musk 


It’s a blend of three types of lavender with different locality and varieties, and their harmony makes aromatic herbal scent. 

Lavender / Lavandin 

Lavender Chamomile 

This fragrance mainly contains lavender and Italian chamomile, blended with orange and cedarwood. Aroma of peaceful herbs. 

Chamomile / Eucalyptus / Lavender / Orange / Cedarwood

Lick Me All Over 

An alluring floral fruity scent. 

Raspberry / Cantaloupe / Watermelon / Jasmine / Violet / Grapefruit 

Maghreb Bukhoor 

An oriental-woody scent with an exotic feeling inspired by Morocco also known as "place the sun sets"Our Maghreb Bukhoor is a blend of warm oud , rich rose, sensual musk, spicy cinnamon, an ancient medical sandalwood, holy frankincense and mint tea. These combination evokes you souks and fascinate incense pastille of mosque. Agarwood / Frankincense / Cinnamon / Peppermint / Damask Rose / Rose de Mai / Musk / Sandalwood 

Mimosa & Mandarin 

An aroma of mandarin orange and mimosa flowers.

Mandarin / Orange / Tangerine / Mimosa / Peach / Plum / Jasmine / Lavender / Lily

Mystic Voyage 

An oriental, spicy and woody scent inspired by the voyage during the Age of the Discovery . It 's a blend of spices, flowers and trees that connects the elements of spice route , such as Malacca Islands which proved the world is round , the city in India known as "Golden Goa" , Persia, the Red Sea, Madagascar etc. 

Nutmeg / Saffron / Clove / White pepper / Carnation / Rose / Vanilla / Patchouli / Woods 

New Day 

New Day is very fresh and invigorating scent with woody and floral musk aroma as its base. 

The top notes include green pepper, ginger spice, petitgrain, bergamot, and lavender. 

Green Pepper / Ginger / Bergamot / Petitgrain/ Lavender / Lily / Rose / Sandalwood / Musk 

Oakmoss & Amber 

This genderless scent has a base of woody musk blended with oakmoss, amber, tonka beans, and herbs like sage and lavandin. 

Sage / Orange / Grapefruit / Rose / Lavender / Herb / Oakmoss / Amber / Tonka beans 


A Green-fruity aroma blended with pomegranate and sage. 

Sage / Citrus / Pomegranate / Red currant / Jasmine / Musk / Cedarwood

Pink Sand 

Once you smell this, you can get the picture of the pink sand beach in Bahama. 

It’s a floral-fruity scent with the base of clear floral aroma including an accent of ozone, black currant, raspberry, white peach, and mango. 

White flower / Mango / Passion fruit / Raspberry / White peach / Hibiscus / Musk / Sandalwood 


It’s a spicy and woody scent blended with sandalwood, nutmeg, clove, ginger, jasmine, and vanilla. 

Nutmeg / Sandalwood / Clove / Ginger / Jasmine / Vanilla 


A scent of rosemary which is used as medication from ancient days. 


Rufus is an aroma represents modern and passionate color of red. 

Peach / Neroli / Vanilla / Tonka beans / Amber / Musk / Wood   


It’s a combination aroma of marine note, white floral and musk. 

Marine Note / White Floral / Musk


This refreshing scent is composed of spicy aromas such as refined woody, clove, and nutmeg as its base note. 

On the other hand, it has an aroma of citrus such as mandarin, lemon, and bergamot for its top note. 

Mandarin / Lemon / Bergamot / Nutmeg / Clove / Rose / Ozone Note / Musk / Wood 


Suavis is an earthy-floral scent containing soft sweetness and refreshing feeling at the same time. 

Cyclamen / Lilly / Musk / Cedarwood 

Sunny Days 

Sunny Days is a type of fragrance perfect for bright sunshine. It’s a refreshing citrus floral scent. 

Bergamot / Orange / Grapefruit / Mandarin / Plum / Lilly / Narciss / Mimosa 


In the 18th century, the tannery industry had rapidly developed. Glasse in southern France flourished as a well-known source of perfume because they perfumed leather products to mask the peculiar smell . Our tanner is leathery, sophisticated and unisex scent inspired by the local tanner in those days . 

Leather / Birch Tar / Saffron / Thyme / Frankincense / Jasmine / Amber / Wood 


Teakwood is a combination aroma of spicy family scents such as ginger, black pepper and pimento, 

and woody family scents such as tobacco, teakwood, and sandalwood. 

Tobacco / Amber / Musk / Pimento / Black pepper / Teakwood / Patchouli / Sandalwood 

Tears Rain 

Tears Rain is musk based aroma. It’s an elegant and refined scent features a soft floral aroma which brings you a pleasant feeling. 

White grapefruit / Rose / Carnation / Lily / Jasmine / Tuberose / Cyclamen / Violet / Sandalwood 

The Quiet Light 

Imagine soundless space and water, it’s a picture of this aroma, The Quiet Light. It’s a green floral scent. 

Bergamot / Lime / Ylang ylang / Lily / Cucumber / Bamboo 


t’s a floral fruity scent from marine-ozone family, combining freshness and purity. 

Chamomile / Apple / Lychee / Mandarin / Rose / Plum / Peach / Coriander / Sandalwood 

Tobacco Cedar 

An oriental woody scent which reminds you a cigar. 

Tobacco reef / Cedarwood / Sandalwood / Citrus / Spice 


A classic fougère fragrance scent features aloysia citrodora. 

Bergamot / Lemon / Lavender / Verbena / Eucalyptus / Geranium / Iris / Violet / Cedarwood / Labdanum / Musk / Olibanum / Sandalwood / Ambergris 

Very Special 

The top note includes juniper berry, green pepper, and white sage. In addition to these aromatic scents, geranium, lavender, cardamom, and woody-base are blended to make clean citrus fougère scent. 

Bergamot / Lime / Juniper berry / Green pepper / White sage / Geranium / Lavender / Wood 

White Vetiver

It 's a mix of earthiness, citrus , geranium and musk with a base of very heavy Woody -Earthy vetiver that evokes the smell of soil. a refreshing, soothing, and calm scent. 

Bergamot / geranium / Patchouli / Fir Balsam / Vetiver / Cedarwood / musk / Amber 

White Tea 

The image of this note comes from white tea. The aroma brings both freshness and sweetness with an accent of jasmine. 

Bergamot / Lavender / Thyme / Mandarin / Ylang-ylang / Jasmine

White Tea & Ginger 

This aroma has a mild and sweet note of white tea blended with a hint of ginger. 

White tea / Green tea / Yuzu / Lemon / Ginger / Nutmeg / Geranium / Rose / Musk

Director_Keita Sugasawa